Dr. Stancil J.L. Hutchinson

I am a psychologist, neuropsychologist, QME, IME, expert witness, and lecturer. I specialize in evaluations for nearly all psychological and neuropsychological conditions, including those pertaining to medical-legal matters such as personal injury, worker's compensation, fitness for duty, and retirement disability. I offer brief screenings to comprehensive evaluations depending on your needs. I have 10 offices across northern California and for those still outside my reach, confidential video conferencing is available and does not preclude certain types of evaluations.  

I provide evaluations for several other areas, including but not limited to academic and employment issues related to ADHD, Learning Disability, and other conditions, evaluations for psychotherapy clients that are not making the kind of progress they hoped for, neuropsychological assessments for brain injury as well as for elderly clients with Dementia, pre-surgical (gastric bypass, spinal cord stimulator, etc.) and pre-employment (peace officer) screenings, assessments for aviation professionals, and various other evaluative services that are less frequently requested (adoption, emotional assistance animal, and so forth).   Whatever brings you to my private practice for evaluation, I stand by my pledge that the quality of your assessment will be second-to-none.

Reports include a nuanced discussion, diagnoses, relevant accommodations, and specific recommendations, the latter carefully constructed so that an optimal plan can be presented. I provide a free 15 minute consultation by phone so please call me directly at (916) 849-6251.