“That which you most need will be found where you least want to look.”

C.G. Jung

Dr. Stancil J.L. Hutchinson, Psy.D., QME

ABOUT DR. STANCIL J.L. HUTCHINSON, PSYD, QME: Dr. Hutchinson earned his Bachelors Degree at the University of Southern California in Critical Studies for Film and Television. This training impacted Dr. Hutchinson's development as a psychologist, as he often thinks of his clients and their lives in narrative terms, when it best suites their needs. Dr. Hutchinson began graduate school in 2005 and received on site training at an elementary school, high school, and community mental health care setting. After earning his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and producing a dissertation on psychological assessment of gastric bypass surgery candidates, which was later published, Dr. Hutchinson attended pre-doctoral internship at Fresno City College. Dr. Hutchinson continued to refine his emphasis on narrative approaches to his clients by deeply investigating Schema Therapy. Dr. Hutchinson was later awarded his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and subsequently received excellent generalist training at his post-doctoral residency at Kaiser Permanente. This site was particularly rich, clinically, in that it offered groups for a variety of conditions, most of which Dr. Hutchinson lead at one point or another.

Dr. Hutchinson became a licensed clinical psychologist in late 2010 and immediately began his private practice. An early tenet of his practice was the belief that therapy clients should, more often than not, receive a thorough evaluation before jumping head first into treatment. Dr. Hutchinson has provided evaluative and therapeutic services for a variety of concerns even since. Over the past eight years, Dr. Hutchinson has provided a wide array of evaluations in a variety of settings. Dr. Hutchinson was certified as a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) in the Workers' Compensation 2015.   Dr. Hutchinson supervised doctoral candidate trainees from his alma mater, Alliant International University in 2018-19.  Even more recently, he agreed to serve as an Associate Professor at Northstate University's College of Psychology teaching psychopathology and best practice treatment approaches.  Dr. Hutchinson's central office is located in East Sacramento at the corner of H and Alhambra and he has nine other offices in northern California.  Please do not hesitate to contact The Offices of Dr. Stancil J.L. Hutchinson at (916) 444-8012 for more information.