Panacea in a small clinic in East Sacramento, opening this August. Dr. Hutchinson will take eight clients. All clients must receive an evaluation. They will then have 12 weeks of weekly individual therapy with one of my masters level, psychological assistant trainees, which I will directly supervise. Clients will also attend once weekly group on Wednesday nights, led by myself. This group is based on the "self-authoring program" by psychologist Jordan Peterson. It consists of three phases. Present authoring marks this closed group's starting point. After an orientation, clients do an in-depth analysis of their personality, present authoring, which includes evaluation of faults and virtues. Future authoring follows, designed to help clients imagine their ideal next three to five years. Past authoring comes last, as it is difficult to know who you are, where you should go, or how you should get there, unless you know where you came from.  This treatment is research-based and makes an excellent supplement to individual therapy.